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Can movie revenue be predicted before a movie is made?

Enter Movie Prophet!

Movie Prophet is a predictive engine that forecasts the box office revenue given a movie proposal. The project is done in partnership with Boston Consulting Group - Digital Ventures (BCG-DV).

BCG-DV are based in Los Angeles. On a daily basis, they are approached by movie studios and producers with movie proposals. Based on the proposals, BCG-DV advices its clients on whether it's a good idea to invest in the movie or not. Until now, BCG-DV relied on experience and 'gut' feeling to make this decision. With our project, they now have a decision support system so they can back their gut with Data Science!

Our system will enable BCG-DV and their stakeholders to have a competitive edge by investing in successful movie ventures.

Business Domain

The project encompasses end-to-end spectrum of data science - web scraping, data wrangling, feature engineering (30+ novel features), building Machine Learning models and data visualization. The outcome of our research is an integrated platform that serves as a movie investor assurance system. Do you have a cool movie proposal? Go to the prediction tab to find out how your movie fares!